Renai Daikou manga
Author Aka Akasaka
Artist Nishizawa 5Miri
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Renai Daikou manga

Renai Daikou

Love Agency

Half-Japanese Half-Swedish Mari Maria Winter Nanase has everything in life. She was raised in a well-off family in Scandinavia and America, she is popular among the girls, and she has good looks. However, she is missing one thing: she can't talk to boys!

After picking up a book on love in the library, she found a suspicious-looking ad on the back. The ad was for Love Agency, a service promising a "pro in love" to handle your love for you. When she scans it, an agent called "Kon-chan" pops out and promises to help her fall in love with her crush. However, her crush, Masaya Seki, isn't so innocent in his ways either and is also using this app to get with her. How with this pair of hopeless lovers turn out?

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